Seeking a Commercial Partner:

Omic is a concept created by an MD and a software engineer to promote the terrain health approach through automating diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions. We have created an Azure recursive engine combining Oura quantitative and patient qualitative data for diagnosis and treatment. With public health diverged from the terrain health approach, we seek a commercial partner in a low regulation economy, with unfulfilled demand for effective diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions. We aim to focus on automating a specific medical protocol for a specific chronic condition.

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Certified Supplement Recommendations

Wearables say “how you are” & Omic says “what you can do about it”

Numbers to conquer bias.  Objectivity to conquer marketing.


The algorithm analyzes monitoring data to identify supplementation and lifestyle priorities.


For Biohacking, LCHF, IF, Ketones, Autophagy, NAD+, Resveratrol, GPC, MitoQ, MCT.

Certified Supplements

Lifestyle Hacks

Calculations per Analysis

Medical literacy to bridge the gulf between what’s perceived as healthy and what’s possible


Access pharmaceutical-grade certified supplements