Seeking Investment: Personalized Medicine Virtual Doctor

Omic is a concept by an MD and software engineer to automate functional medical practice. We have created an Azure recursive engine MVP utilizing Oura Ring data, and a database of treatments linked to Fullscript fulfillment. With the pharmaceutical industry Covid response paradoxically overwhelming the demand for personal health terrain optimization, we have put the project into hibernation. To restart the project, we foresee a corporate wellness focus. Stakeholders might be executives/pilots/drivers needing proactive health/security monitoring & advice, or clinicians needing advance warning of illness. What would interest us is partnering with domain relevant commercial and marketing capacity, so we can continue service development e.g. a technology Phase2 would move from weighted recommendations to the full implementation of treatment protocols (a feedback loop to adapt recommendations)

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Certified Supplement Recommendations

Wearables say “how you are” & Omic says “what you can do about it”

Numbers to conquer bias.  Objectivity to conquer marketing.


The algorithm analyzes monitoring data to identify supplementation and lifestyle priorities.


For Biohacking, LCHF, IF, Ketones, Autophagy, NAD+, Resveratrol, GPC, MitoQ, MCT.

Certified Supplements

Lifestyle Hacks

Calculations per Analysis

Medical literacy to bridge the gulf between what’s perceived as healthy and what’s possible


Access pharmaceutical-grade certified supplements