How to use Omic to enhance your Performance and Lifespan

What Omic Does

Cindy, Rose and Glenn have combined their many years of clinical and training experience with interpretation of medical research into an app that provides you with personalized recommendations.  Omic is not affiliated with any of the companies that supply the interventions, nor does it receive any financial or other benefits from recommending the interventions. We are completely independent.

Omic analyses the information from your Health Profile Questionnaire along with the data from your Oura Ring and weights each data point against our database of researched interventions to give you personalized performance and lifespan enhancing recommendations.

Using Omic you can automatically track these recommendations (as well as custom events) against your timeline. Rather than relying on a vague probability, Omic allows you to become your own researcher assessing what is best for you.


Getting Started

1. Click on the button above to create your login

2. Add Omic to your home screen (smart phone) and / or to your bookmarks

3.  Complete your Health Profile Questionnaire – this should take all of 5 minutes


YourPersonalizedHealth GuideCalculations going on……. Give it a minute


Boom!  You have suggested interventions you can start with.


You can Accept or Decline and / or click “Learn more” for more information.

Under Learn More, not only do you see information on the intervention, but also links to supporting material (usually a Pubmed abstract) and why this intervention has been suggested for you. This is an interpretation of the research applied to you using a weighted diagnostic engine.

An analysis is automatically generated every week (Sunday), sending out an email with a link to your new recommendations.



  1. Head over to your Profile page and Subscribe. Subscribing gives you-
  • access to where and how to purchase products
  • allows you to link your Oura Ring

5. Linking your Oura Ring on your Profile page

  • allows Omic to make calculations and suggest interventions that include your Oura Ring data including Omic (heart rate variability), Sleep Data, Readiness Data
  • enables your Omic data to automatically appear as a Metric on your dashboard and to be averaged out over a week on your Analytics page


Important points to increase the accuracy of your recommended interventions

  • Update your Questionnaire –on your Profile page– anytime anything changes; e.g. when your happiness changes, if you start a new medication or if you get a sleeping partner!
  • Update your preferences on your Profile page, such as receiving only Lifestyle Interventions.
  • After accepting a new intervention on your Dashboard, add the date that this actually commences; e.g. Zinc has arrived in the mail.
  • Delegate your Maintenance Interventions. Certain interventions may automatically be classified as Maintenance Interventions.  These will appear under Maintenance Interventions on your Dashboard. You may delegate any intervention as a Maintenance Intervention by clicking on the gear symbol.  Likewise, you can remove an intervention from the Maintenance Interventions.  Moving an intervention to maintenance allows you to focus in the dashboard on the interventions you are working actively with.
  • To receive accurate recommendations, note when starting and stopping interventions.


For the Citizen Scientists:  Tracking – almost anything!







Head over to the Metrics page.  If you have an Oura Ring linked, your HRV will appear on your timeline.  You can also track just about anything else.

Suggestions about health metrics to track:

  • Fat %
  • Blood Pressure
  • Scores such as “Happiness”
  • 1 Rep Max
  • Yes/No Value such as “Screen time after 9 pm”

Once you have added a Metric Category, you can add a value from your Dashboard.



Interventions that have been started and stopped are automatically added to your Timeline. You can add any custom events.

Omic has events loaded such as Alcohol, Fasting and Starting a New Exercise Regime.  You can use the Ad Hoc event type for anything that is likely to be a one-off such as “New Glasses” or create your own Custom Event Type that you are likely to use regularly such “Meditation”.


When You Need a Boost

When you need extra information or recommendations for a one-off event such as travel, or if your life circumstances have changed, head over to your Dashboard  for a boost.  Here you can use either:

Run an analysis” Instead of waiting for Sunday to get updated interventions, you can get this immediately.  Do this perhaps, after something in your life has changed, such as waist circumference has decreased and you have updated your Questionnaire.

I want a boost” This can be used in a specific situation (such as travel or injury) and provides general recommendations that are not based on your personal analysis. Examples of boosts are infection, injury, travel, stress and preparing for a physical event.  We are always looking to add boosts, so contact us with any suggestions.








How You are Doing Overall




The Analytics Page shows a visual of your HRV (rMSSD) average over the previous week.

The reference ranges are based on your demographics i.e. age and sex.  The green range indicates the average for your demographic.


For Practitioners

A practitioner portal is available to practitioners such as Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, Naturopaths and MDs. Once a client has consented, the practitioner can view details such timeline as well as interventions that are active, completed, declined or ignored. The practitioner and client can upload documents and the practitioner make notes in the portal.




Daily Time & RPE Exercise Recommendations

Glenn and Cindy are currently working on Movement / Exercise Interventions based on Oura Readiness Scores which will be presented as a traffic light system.  Here is a taster:




Contact us

We welcome contact and feedback.

The team members at Omic have been augmenting our own performance by self-experimentation and learning, including alongside our clients.  We have developed this app as means to provide this knowledge to those who, like us, seek enhancement.