Depending upon your questionnaire response to how comfortable you are with supplements, more or less supplements will be recommended at any one time.  The idea is to avoid overwhelming or making it inefficient to buy a different supplement each week.

For example if you are comfortable with using supplements, you will receive supplement recommendations up until a total of 5 at any one time.

You will then receive new recommendations again once any one of those 5 recommendations have been marked as completed and the intervention stopped.

Alternatively, you will likely wish to toggle interventions to “maintenance” that you’ve elected to use long term (e.g. Magnesium), which will hide them down the bottom of the dashboard and allow new recommendations to arrive again each Sunday.

Also users with a connected Oura Ring will get more supplement recommendations than those without, because the tracking data is available to make recommendations for a wider set of supplements.  Without wearable tracking data, Omic ends up like most of the questionnaire type online services, which are only able to recommend maintenance supplements.

NB. the supplement recommendations are independent i.e. multiple dispensaries are supported (e.g. Innerstrength for NZ and Fullscript for the US).  Omic does not profit from the sale of supplements, instead providing unique curated medical research for personalized supplement advice.