The Apple Watch as an HRV measuring wearable

The idea behind Omic is to be device agnostic, employing any wearable that contributes data to further metabolic health through the modification of nutrition and lifestyle.  We believe our differentiation from other health apps is in our recommendation engine, so any hardware contributing reliable & useful health data is welcome.

We started the Omic service with the Oura Ring, because a ring on the finger provides optimal measurement of HRV.  HRV is the proxy for measuring healthy lifespan and thereby the effectiveness of interventions.

With feedback from the US market that the apple watch is ubiquitous, we want to apply Omic to clients prepared to wear the apple watch while they sleep.

While we’ve been worried about the quality of HRV measurement at the wrist, we like where this article suggests the apple watch is heading:

The Apple Watch also syncs with the Oura Ring data via Apple Health to improve the quality of activity data available for Oura Readiness calculations, which is a nice touch for those with both devices.

Dr Cindy de Villiers wears the Apple Watch to track activity, so we have our first user.

Next up in the Omic development roadmap then is adding support for the Apple Watch as an HRV measuring wearable for analyses.  Watch this space.