About Us

An interest in personalized & functional medicine arises from personal experience.

Observing the difference in health outcomes available to patients who have a higher level of medical literacy yields new perspectives.

When health is not a spectator sport, there is less interest in subsidizing diagnosis and treatment guidelines which assume everyone has the same health status.

Ageing doesn’t need to mean decline the performance with personalized medicine.

Questions might include:

  1. how do I get the independent medical information relevant to me, when I want it, and without being dependent on others?
  2. how can I drive personal performance by prioritizing what’s most important?
  3. how can I avoid being vacuumed into the medical system for chronic conditions, knowing that once I’m in the system it’s not easy to get out?

Omic is a collection of biohacking, registered medical and personal training colleagues looking to answer these questions.

We see the evolution of medical wearables and cloud computing present a new means to help ourselves and others.

Our goal is to provide genuine personalized evidence-based preventative and performance healthcare options via online functional medicine assessments and protocols.