DigitalHealth for Certified Practitioner-Only Supplements

Getting Started


Omic collects Oura Ring or Apple Watch wearable data, runs an analysis to provide personalized recommendations, with access to certified pharmaceutical-grade practitioner-only supplements.  Platform content is provided by our own registered medical doctors who reference recommendations to Pubmed.

Analyze with a Virtual Functional Clinician

Firstly, the timeline & tracking provide information on what’s going well and what’s not.  Second, we want to know what to do if there are problems. An algorithm derived from personalized medical clinical practice is used to analyze questionnaires and real-time data. For example, run an analysis to get nutritional and lifestyle suggestions.  Know where you are at with health and choose what to try as the next priority.

Upgrade with Certified Supplements e.g. GMP & TGA & USP

Know how much to take of what and when to take it.  Find out which natural performance enhancers will be individually effective e.g. NAD, nootropics and lifestyle hacks are relevant under particular circumstances.  Single compounds are typically recommended, because it’s easier to establish evidence for a particular compound versus a specific combination of compounds.

Measure Progress with a Medtech HRV Tracker Wearable

HRV measures overall health & longevity. Link to a supported wearable to auto track resting HRV, readiness and sleep. If you exercise and HRV temporarily goes down, that’s good.  If you relax and HRV temporarily goes up, that’s good too.  Average HRV improving over time indicates a healthy lifespan.  Omic correlates recommended interventions to objective health outcomes.